V&A Permission Strategies

Access to Collections and Galleries is governed by the Visibility and Access (V&A) settings. V&A controls allow you to make Collections and Galleries visible on the portal, and to allow download access to the photos. The stoplight indicators tell you how restricted the access is. Inside the V&A dialog, you can set access permissions with very specific controls for different individuals or different groups.

V&A = View and Download

In case it’s not obvious, when we say Visibility and Access (V&A) we’re talking about whether a Collection or Gallery can be viewed in the Portal by a user (Visibility), and whether the images in the Gallery can be downloaded (Access). Both Visibility and Access have separate controls. And each of them has its own “stoplight”. The left stoplight indicates the Visibility permissions, and the right stoplight indicates the Access/download permissions.

V&A Controls are for the Public Portal Only

V&A controls do not restrict access to the photos on the Admin side of the website, only on the Public Portal. (Anyone with Admin, Editor or Tagger roles can see all images that have been uploaded to your library.)

Reading the stoplights

Both Visibility and Access have separate controls. And each of them has its own ‘stoplight'.

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Screened-back stoplights indicate that permissions have been inherited from the parent Collection.



Setting V&A controls many Galleries individually could be a tedious process. That’s why we’ve made the “Inherit from [Parent Collection]” feature. This allows you to manage V&A settings for many Galleries in a single interface.

Note: Collections and Galleries that inherit from a Parent Collection will still have their own separate "native" permissions, unless you align the native and inheriting permissions before saving. Learn more in the "Inheritance" section of this article.

Tip: Organize according to access groups. In most cases, it’s probably best to organize your collection trees according to the access you will be granting. For instance, you could keep all the galleries intended for the Sales Team in one parent collection. This would allow you to add or remove team members with a single action in the Invited Users panel.

V&A Controls are most powerful when combined with User Groups

The V&A controls allow you to set different permissions for individuals and groups. This can get messy if you have too many variations. Wherever possible, we suggest that you use Invited User Groups to manage V&A Settings.

V&A Settings are attached to the Gallery or Collection, not the photos

Libris allows you to control Visibility and Access for Collections and Galleries, rather than individual images. All images inside a Gallery are subject to the same V&A Settings. (For instance, you can’t hide half the pictures in a Gallery and show half. You would need to use two galleries with two different settings in order to accomplish that.)

Starting out private

When you make permissions for a new Collection or Gallery at the root level of your Library, it starts out as private and will not be listed on the Portal.

When you create a new Collection or Gallery within another Collection, you can choose whether you'd like to have it inherit permissions from its parent Collection.

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