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Library Staff is a catch-all term for those who have login privileges to the Admin side of your Media Library. You can add a Library Staff role to a person based on the type of access you wish them to have.

Premium and Pro Libris accounts come with three ready-made Library Staff roles: the Administrator, Editors and Taggers. Additionally, all accounts have an unlimited number of Contributor seats. (These are not really Library Staff, as they have no Admin side access, but they're managed in the same way.)

Starter Libris accounts have one Administrator and no additional Library Staff, but the account can be upgraded when the need for Library Staff or storage space arises. In fact, all Libris accounts can be upgraded or downgraded without processes being disrupted.

Here’s how we define the Library Staff roles:


The Administrator is the primary Library manager, and has access to all account settings, including billing and payment, as well as access to all files in the Library.


An Editor is a trusted user of the system who has access to your entire Library.

Editors have full control over all the files in the Library and can customize the Portal.

Editors cannot add other Editors, change the Admin account, or change billing or payment settings.

Premium Libris accounts can have one Editor or Tagger. Pro Libris accounts can have up to five Editors. 


A Tagger is someone who can add metadata to any file in the Library. This is particularly useful for adding keywords, or adding names of people shown in the images. 

Taggers cannot create a collection or gallery; delete a collection, gallery, or files; or price images. They can perform other Library actions.

Taggers cannot change billing or payment settings, customize the Portal, or add Library Staff.


The Tagger's vital role ensures that images can be found easily by users. 

Premium Libris accounts can have one Editor or Tagger. Pro Libris accounts can have up to three Taggers. 

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A Contributor is a content provider to your Library with a login and password. Though they are added in the same way, they are not strictly Library Staff, as they don't have permission to do anything other than to upload, and they cannot access the Admin side of the Library or see other content in the Public Portal. 

For example, Tufts University Photo has five team members listed as editors, whose permission sets allow them full access to their account. These people are marketers, graphic designers, and asset managers. Tufts also works with a handful of freelance photographers—they’re only permitted to upload into the account, with no direct access to the digital asset management archive.

Even though their freelance photographers might come and go, the Tufts photo team can continue using the same online uploading system and know that all their images will remain in one secure location.

All Libris account types have unlimited numbers of Contributors. 

Contributors can learn about uploading to a Libris Library here.

Adding a Library Staff member 

  1. Log in to your Libris account.
  2. From the Admin, select Library Staff.
  3. Now click on the top tabs or the links under Staff Administration to add an Editor, Tagger or Contributor.  

  4. Enter the email address of the Library Staff member you wish to add.
  5. Libris will first check the PhotoShelter system to see whether that person is already listed. If not, you’ll be asked to provide their first name and last name and can choose to send them an invitation email. 

  6. Once the Library Staff member has created their password, they’ll be invited to either go to your Library (if they're an Editor or Tagger) or upload images (if they're a Contributor), or they can visit the Help Center to learn more.

 Above: A new Editor or Tagger will see these options after setting up their account.

Removing a Library Staff member

You might want to remove a Library Staff member because they have left your organization, or because you have reached the limit of Staff Members for your account. 

Removing a Library Staff member does not affect any content that the Staff member maybe have already uploaded or worked on in the past. It prevents that person from logging in to your Library in the future.

  1. From the Admin, select Library Staff.
  2. Click the appropriate user role tab.
  3. Click [remove] in the right hand column in the row corresponding to that Library Staff member's name.

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