Finding images

As a guest of the Media Library, you will only see two groups of images on their Public Portal:

  • Public: files accessible to anybody that views the site.
  • Invited Galleries: files that have been shared with a limited number of Invited Users like yourself.

You can browse these Galleries and Collections, or use the Search function to look for a specific image.


To view:

  1. Click Galleries on the navigation bar.

  2. If you are not logged in, you will only see galleries that are publicly accessible. If you've logged in via the Login page, you will also see a folder called Invited Galleries.
  3. You can traverse the folder structure to find specific images.
Be aware that the Library owner can set expiration dates for viewing or downloading of different Galleries. If you can no longer find a Gallery, even though you might have been sent the link to it in the past, contact the administrator.


The image search allows you to search by keywords, date, location and more.

  • Click Search on the navigation bar.
  • Enter your search parameters. The search is an "AND" search and will require all the fields you list to present. If the search doesn't return results, try entering fewer fields or toggling the Find Results field. 


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