Logging in to different accounts

Your email address is linked to a single password across all PhotoShelter and Libris-powered sites, so you can:

  • Log in to your personal PhotoShelter site
  • Log in to someone else’s PhotoShelter Photographer site as a guest (aka Invited User)
  • Log in to your company or organization's Libris site as an Administrator, Editor, Tagger or Contributor/Photographer
  • Log in to a different company or organization's Libris site as an Invited User

A dropdown list allows you to pick the appropriate account once you have been authenticated.

Libris Login

You can login to Libris at http://libris.photoshelter.com/.

On the "My Accounts" page, you will see all of the different sites you can access.

Select the Libris site you would like to access and click "Go to Library"

Once you are logged in, to move from a Libris account to your PhotoShelter Photographer account, select Switch Accounts from the dropdown menu under your name on the right of the navigation bar.

Likewise, to switch between your Personal Account and a Libris account, select Switch Accounts from the navigation bar in your PhotoShelter Photographer account.


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