Workflow Option - Proofing a Shoot

The PhotoShelter Publish Service allows you to easily create a proofing gallery.

Import files into the catalog

  • Drag your new images into your Lightroom catalog
  • From the Publish Service tab, right+click to create a new collection and gallery
  • Select the ingested images and drag them to the new gallery and click "Publish"

Uploading a Contract with Images

You might want to upload the photo contract with the images as a way to tracking the licensing rights. 

  • From the appropriate gallery in your Libris library, drag the PDF contract to upload

Associating the Contract with Images

Use the IPTC Job Identifier field to associate the contract with the image metadata.

  • From Lightroom, select all the images from the shoot
  • Cut and paste the Contract filename into the IPTC Job Identifier field
  • Re-publish the photos to update your Libris account

Making Watermarked Proofs

During the proofing process, it's important that team members don't mistakenly send out non-final images. Watermarking the images is an easy way to avoid confusion.

  • Right+click on the Publish Service tab and create a new Publish Service named "Watermarked Proofs"
  • You can choose a lower quality and smaller file size if desired
  • Under the Watermarking tab, check "Watermark"
  • Enter "Proof Images - Not for Final Usage" in the text field
  • Save the new watermark setting and the Publish Service

Now you're ready to associate images with the new Publish Service.

  • Right+click on the Publish Service tab to create a new proofing gallery
  • Drag the appropriate images to the gallery
  • Click Publish

Setting up multiple Publish Services with different settings allow you to publish the same image with different settings for different audiences. 

Learn more about uploading with Lightroom

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