Importing images, creating Galleries and syncing

Using the Publish Service plug-in allows you to remotely create Collections and Galleries in your Libris account from Lightroom. You can then select images to publish to those Galleries.

The video above shows the process of importing images into Lightroom to ingest them into the catalog, creating a Collection and then Galleries within it, and setting up user permissions within Lightroom for syncing with Libris.

Here's a review of those processes:

Setting up the Publish Service

  1. Drag images from your local hard drive into Lightroom to ingest them into your catalog.
  2. Right click on the PhotoShelter Publish Service tab, and select Create PhotoShelter Collection...

  3. Give the Collection a new name, and then set it as a parent Collection by selecting None as the Set, or by selecting an existing Collection in which this new one should be nested.

  4. Once the Collection is created, you can create Galleries in similar fashion: right click on the Collection you just created, and select Create PhotoShelter Gallery
  5. Drag the appropriate images to the newly created Gallery.
  6. Click the Publish button to push the images to your Libris account. The upload time depends on your Internet speed.
Whenever you make changes (image enhancements, metadata, etc) to the synced images in Lightroom, they will be queued for update in your Libris library. To republish them, right click the tab of the desired Collection or Gallery tab, and select Publish Now. Your changes will sync seamlessly. 

Updating keywords

The Publish Service makes it easy to update keyword and metadata information from Lightroom to Libris.

  1. From the Library module in Lightroom, open your Keyword List in the right pane, and click the + button to create a new keyword. 
  2. From the PhotoShelter Publish Service tab in the left pane, select the appropriate Gallery or Collection and click on it to view the images in the center pane.
  3. Select the images that match the new keyword, and drag them from the middle pane and drop them onto the new keyword in the right pane to add that keyword to those images' metadata.
  4. The middle pane will now indicate Modified Photos to Re-Publish. Click the Publish button at the top right of the middle pane to update the photos to your Libris account. When you update the metadata, the entire JPG is uploaded to Libris. Depending on the number of images, this may take a while to complete. 


Updating image adjustments

The Publish Service allows you to make image adjustments (e.g. contrast, shadows, etc) in Lightroom and republish on Libris. This updates the image file without altering View and Access permissions, Galleries that the image might be included within, etc.

  1. In the Develop module of Lightroom, make the appropriate image adjustments.
  2. Switch to the Library module, and in the left pane, under Publish Services, find the Lightroom plug-in and select the Gallery that contains the image.
  3. Click the Publish button in the top right of the middle pane to update your Libris Library.

Making alternate versions

If you want to publish alternate versions of an image to your Libris account (e.g. black-and-white), you can create a Virtual Copy in Lightroom and use the Publish Service to synchronize it.

  1. In the Library module of Lightroom, find the appropriate image contained within a Gallery under Publish Services in the left pane.
  2. Right click the image and select Create Virtual Copy.
  3. In the Develop module of Lightroom, apply the appropriate image adjustments to the Virtual Copy.
  4. Go back to the Library module of Lightroom, and with the Publish Service tab still selected, click the Publish button in the top right of the center pane.

Giving Portal Users permission to your Galleries

If you didn't set the Visibility and Access permissions when you created your Galleries and Collections in Lightroom, you'll need to do so in order to let others see your images.

Though you could set these V&A permissions in the Admin side of Libris, it is preferable to do it in Lightroom: 

  1. In the Library module of Lightroom, right click on the Collection tab and select Edit PhotoShelter Collection...
  2. Set the required Visibility (viewing) permission - we suggest Those with Permission. Click Edit to save.
  3. Switch to your browser to view the Admin side of your Libris Library and refresh the page. You will see the Collection stoplights are yellow. 
  4. Now repeat the near-identical process for each Gallery in that Collection: right click the Gallery tab, and select Edit Photoshelter Gallery... We suggest selecting Inherit from Parent as the Visibility option. 
  5. Switch to your browser and refresh. The Gallery stoplights should be grayed out, to indicate the inherited permission from the parent Collection.

When an Invited User logs into the Public Portal, they will now see the Galleries/Collections that you imparted access to.

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