Getting Started

Installing the PhotoShelter Lightroom plug-in

Detailed instructions here

Setting up the Publish Service

  1. In the Library Module of your Lightroom catalog, scroll down the left pane to Publish Services, where PhotoShelter should be listed once it has been installed.
  2. Click Set Up... on the right of the PhotoShelter logo. 
  3. Name the Publish Service based on the file type/size you intend to publish (e.g. Full Size JPEGs), and/or the PhotoShelter account you want to publish to, if you are a contributor to multiple PhotoShelter and Libris accounts. 
  4. Enter your PhotoShelter email and password to connect the Publish Service to PhotoShelter, then select the Libris Organization (only applicable if you have Editor privileges to more than one account).
  5. Select the appropriate File Naming, Settings, and Image Size. We suggest sRGB and Include: All metadata.

When you click Save, the plug-in will contact the PhotoShelter servers and retrieve all the existing Collections and Galleries in your Libris Library and will list them in your Lightroom catalog.

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