Setting Permissions

To open the V&A dialog, move your cursor over the stoplights and click the gear that appears.  Once you are in the dialog you can choose the settings you need.

Making a Gallery Publicly Visible

Making a gallery public is easy. Once the V&A dialog is open, change the pulldown from “No one but me” to Everyone. This will make the gallery visible on the Portal for everyone. This does not change the download permissions.

If you want to grant download permissions, click “Add Download Permissions” and follow the directions in the next section to add additional permissions.

Adding V&A Permissions for specific people and groups

Here’s how you add permission for specific users to see and download images on the Portal.

  1. Change the top pulldown from “No one but me” to “Those with Permission.”
  2. The click the Grant access to Specific People button. This brings up the permission setting.

  1. Add a person or group in the first blank. As you start typing, Invited Users or groups with matching names will auto-fill. You can add additional users and groups.
  2. If you want the access permission to expire on a particular date, click the EXP field.
  3. You can specify Download permission in the DL Type section. By default, no download is allowed.
  4. If you want to restrict download to a particular size of file, choose it in the pulldown. You can also allow download of the original file.
  5. You can set a maximum number of downloads in the final field.
  6. Make sure to click Save when you’re done.

Add other permission if desired

You can make multiple permission settings for a collection or gallery. One group may get view-only access, while another gets full download permission. Just keep clicking the Add Another Permission Button to bring up a new line.

Deleting a Permission

If you wish to remove a permission entirely, open the V&A panel and click the trashcan Icon to the right of the permission you wish to remove.



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