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Libris can handle many different types of image files. Accounts with video enabled can also handle many types of video files.

Here’s a partial list of what we support:

  • Images: JPG, PSD, GIF, PNG, TIFF, SVG, AI, EPS
  • Camera raw photos: most proprietary raw formats, such as CR2 and NEF, and any raw file converted to DNG
  • Videos: MOV, MP4, M4V, and many other common video filetypes from DSLR and other cameras, or those created by video editing software
  • Documents: PDF (particularly useful for loading license and rights contracts to their corresponding image Galleries)
  • Other files (limited support): DFONT, OTF, TTF

Libris offers multiple ways for Library Staff and Contributors to upload content into the system:

Web browser

The simplest way to upload images is through a web browser, though this is not ideal for bulk uploads. Administrators and Editors can easily drag and drop content into the Library from the Admin side. And Photographers/Contributors can upload individual images through a link sent to them by email when they are invited to contribute

Here's how to upload from the Admin side:

  1. From the Images menu, select Library.
  2. In the left pane, create or select an existing gallery. (Learn more about creating Galleries and Collections.)
  3. In the right pane, click the green Upload icon.

  4. Drag and drop images from your desktop into the marked rectangle, or click Select Files to select them from their location on your desktop.

    As images are uploaded, you will see a thumbnail preview appear. Upload times will vary based on your Internet connection speeds.

Learn more about 

How Contributors can upload through the Image Upload page.


PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader app

The PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader is a standalone Java-based application for both Windows and Mac. When uploading very large numbers of images (e.g. >1000), the Desktop Uploader is recommended because it tends to be more stable than a web browser.

Learn more about

Installing and using the PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader


Libris Uploader mobile app

The fastest way to get images and videos from a user’s iPhone Camera Roll to your Libris account.

The Libris Uploader mobile app gives Admins, Editors, and Contributors a direct route from image capture to your Libris account. In Libris, your team members can immediately access photos and videos to use in their projects, from social media and PR to website and print. Power your real-time visual media workflow, share time-sensitive event content, and collect visual assets on the go.

Learn more about

Installing and using the Libris Uploader Mobile App

Lightroom plug-in

The PhotoShelter Lightroom Publish Service plug-in is an incredibly powerful way to maintain a local catalog on your desktop while easily maintaining a Libris Library to which metadata or image adjustment changes are synced. 

Using the Publish Service plugin allows you to remotely create Collections and Galleries in your Libris account from Lightroom. You can then select images to publish to those Galleries. 


Learn more about

Integrating Lightroom with Libris


Photo Mechanic plug-in

Photo Mechanic is a popular third party image browser for Windows and Mac written by CameraBits. It can be configured to upload directly to your Libris account. 

As a PhotoShelter account holder, get 10% off Photo Mechanic.  

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Preparing files for upload


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