Preparing your files for upload

Images are rarely ready for public distribution straight out of the camera. Preparing your files for upload to Libris requires considerations of file format, color space, metadata and more.

Generally speaking, we recommend uploading your largest resolution photos in TIFF or JPG. If your images are intended primarily for web use, we recommend the sRGB color space.

File Format

Considerations of file format inevitably come down to understanding which format is appropriate for a given workflow stage. Although Libris can support a wide variety of file formats, uploading a format that is useful for your intended audience is a key consideration in creating a standard workflow. In many cases, Libris is used as a distribution/delivery tool. For this reason, JPG and TIFF are the most appropriate file formats.

You can, of course, choose to archive your RAW or PSD files within your Libris Library, but you would almost certainly never distribute these images to your customers.

Color Space

Computers use a series of RGB values to represent color. How that color is redisplayed is influenced by the color space because the same RGB values can render very different colors depending on the color space.

Although color space might sound esoteric, the concept is pretty clear when considering something like your logo. Organizations and brands spends enormous marketing budgets to ensure consistency of their corporate identities. 

The discussion of color fidelity is moot unless you've calibrated your monitor.

Your color space decision depends on the final output. Generally speaking, for web use sRGB is the most practical and safe color space.


Metadata, the data that describes your content, helps you and others find specific images. The efficiency with which you or others can find an image increases your library's market value and can save your staff time and money. A good metadata workflow is crucial to a successful media library.

The best practice is to add IPTC metadata to your files prior to upload. Software like Adobe Lightroom can simplify data entry.

These are the steps to edit this information in Libris:

  1. In the Admin side, select Library from the Images menu, and click on one or more images to select them.
  2. From the Actions menu in the middle pane, select Edit IPTC.

  3. Enter information in the relevant fields. By default the blue text is set to Don't Update, but will auto change to Update when a change is made. 

  4. Note the Append to existing data... checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box. Select this to ensure new information is added to any existing metadata, rather than overwriting it.
  5. Click Save.


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