Using Lightboxes

The Lightbox is a tool to collect and view various images together. These images can come from one Gallery or from many different ones. Lightboxes are typically used for collaboration. You might use a Lightbox to collect and share your image choices for a particular project. Several people may want to use ratings or comments to work on a project together.

You must be logged in to make a Lightbox. The Lightbox owner can choose to share it with others by emailing a link. If it is not shared, only the owner of the Lightbox can view it. Although you can share a Lightbox with anyone, any images in the Lightbox can only be viewed by someone with permission to access the particular photos. 

Lightboxes can also contain images from different PhotoShelter and Libris accounts that you have access to. This can be useful if you would like to buy images from photographers who have traditional PhotoShelter accounts.

Adding images to a Lightbox

  1. When viewing any image within the Library, click Add to Lightbox in the lower right corner.

  2. Select an existing Lightbox, or choose Create a new lightbox and name the new Lightbox you'll add the image to.

  3. From the confirmation box, you can go directly to the Lightbox or close the window by clicking OK.

Accessing the Lightbox

After you've signed in to the Libris Library, click Lightboxes.

Using the Lightbox

The primary functions of a Lightbox are to rate and share the images contained within. 

Rating Images

While viewing thumbnails, you can click on the stars to assign a rating. Click the X to reject the image.

Alternately, if you double-click a thumbnail, you can view and rate images individually.

Sharing a Lightbox

Sharing a Lightbox allows others to see and interact with the contents. You can provisionally grant access to invite others or remove/rate/sort/comment on images.

  1. Click Share.

  2. Enter the email address of the person with whom you'd like to share.
  3. Check the appropriate access controls.
  4. Click Share Lightbox.

  5. The user will receive an email with a link to the Lightbox.

Viewing others' ratings 

When other Invited Users have rated images within the Lightbox, you can view their ratings.

  1. Click Ratings Matrix. You can view all users' ratings for the images contained within the Lightbox. 

Caveat Emptor

If you share images with someone who hasn't been granted access by the Library Staff, that person will see "N/A" (not available) images. This is a security measure to prevent embargoed images from being distributed.


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