Adding Location Fields

Location data provides robust, segmented searching capabilities for an organization. We recommend entering location data using your desktop software following image ingestion. However, you can also edit IPTC location fields using Libris.


EXIF is part of the automatically recorded metadata of an image. EXIF data cannot be altered by most image editing software, nor Libris.


Once limited to the military, GPS is commonplace on most smartphones. GPS uses a set of geosynchronous satellites to provide exact longitude and latitude coordinates that can be accurate to within a few feet. Although most smartphones automatically append GPS data, most professional DSLRs require an external GPS unit to annotate this information.

If GPS data is available for a photo, it will be recorded in the EXIF GPS field.

The downside to GPS is that it automatically records the location of the camera, not what the camera is looking at. This is where other IPTC Location fields can provide more accuracy.


IPTC is user editable metadata. Common software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic and Libris allow you to edit this information.

IPTC Sublocation

The Sublocation field is the most specific geographical field specified by the IPTC standard. The Sublocation field should be used for well-known locations (e.g. Eiffel Tower) or locations within a city.


The City field should be used for the the city depicted in the image.

IPTC State/Province

State/Province is used for any subregion of a country, and isn't confined to US States. IPTC recommends using full spellings, but any consistent policy will be effective.

IPTC Country

IPTC Country is the full spelling of the country depicted.

IPTC Country Code 

IPTC Country Code should use the 2 or 3-letter ISO country codes of the country depicted.

Editing Location Fields in Libris

  • Click Images -> Library
  • In the left pane, click the gallery name containing the image
  • Click the image thumbnail that you want to alter
  • In the right pane, click the pen icon next to "IPTC Metadata"

  • Edit the appropriate IPTC location field

  • Click the ✓ to save your changes


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