How should I backup my Media Libary?

Maintaining multiple copies of your images is fundamental to maintaining a resilient back-up strategy. A local copy of your images is typically designated as your primary set. A local set lowers latency while working with the images, and is often a prerequisite for software (e.g. Lightroom cannot work off a remote catalog). 

Primary vs Backups

Maintaining a single, primary set of your images is fundamental in managing your media archive. Aside from the complexities of managing multiple "primary" libraries while they are simultaneously growing, you simply can't design a back-up strategy unless you know what you're backing up. 

3-2-1 Rule

The 3-2-1 Rule is a well-known back-up strategy and can be summarized as:

  • At least 3 copies of any important data
  • In different formats
  • With at least offsite copy

Internet Backups

Any cloud-based service provides an offsite, Internet-based back-up. But Libris adds a functional layer to that copy which allows you to archive, distribute, and monetize your content.

Local Copy

The easiest way to manage your local copy with your Libris uploads is to use the Lightroom Publish Service


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