Workflow Option - Using Lightroom to Watermark Images

Although we generally don't recommend adding watermarks prior to upload, they can be very helpful in maintaining compliance with images that have expired licenses. The Publish Service is a perfect way to maintain a historically accurate, searchable archive, while providing compliant imagery. 

Create a New Publish Service with Watermarks

  • Right+click on the Publish Service tab and create a new Publish Service
  • Name the Publish Service "Out of License Watermark"
  • Enter your email/password
  • You can select smaller/lower quality images 
  • Under the Watermarking tab, check "Watermark"
  • Select "Edit Watermark"
  • In the Watermark Editor window, enter desired language (e.g. "Out of License. Check with Communications before using")
  • You can use the "Fit" command under the Watermark Effects to size the text to fill the image
  • Save the Publish Service

Your Libris account will synchronize with your Lightroom catalog. You can now create an "Out of License" gallery in your Libris account and publish the appropriate images to it. This ensures that the images are still searchable by your Portal users, but with a clear indication that they shouldn't be used without additional licensing.

 Learn more about uploading with Lightroom

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