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Log in to your account at http://libris.photoshelter.com/.

You’ll need your username and password to log in. If you can’t remember which email address you used to sign up, please contact Customer Support.

Once you’ve logged in, why not bookmark the website in your browser so you can return easily?


Your username is the email address you provided us to set up the account.


Many Libris customers have already signed in to PhotoShelter in the past when visiting a photographer’s site, and therefore a password is already attached to their email address.

If you are new...

If your email address has never been used in our system, we’ll immediately send you a password by email. Log in via the link in that email, or on the website with your email address and this password.

We suggest that you change your password to a new one at your earliest convenience: click on your name on the top navigation bar, and then Profile.

If you already have a PhotoShelter ID and password...

If you have ever logged in to our system before, you already have a password. You will use the same password wherever you log in to any parts of our PhotoShelter system.

Can’t remember your password, simply click on Forget your password?

If you already have a PhotoShelter Photographer account, you can easily move between that and your Libris account. 

Above: To move between your Photographer account and the Libris account, simply log in as usual, and click on Switch Accounts on the dropdown menu from your name in the menu bar at the top right of your home screen.


The good news is that you don’t have to remember a string of passwords. Your email address is linked to a single password across all PhotoShelter- and Libris-powered sites, so you can:

  • Log in to your Libris site as an Administrator, Editor, or Tagger
  • Log in to someone else’s Libris site as a Guest
  • Log in to your own PhotoShelter Photographer site
  • Log in to someone else’s PhotoShelter Photographer site as a guest

Above: Your email address uses the same password on all PhotoShelter-powered websites and portals.


Welcome to your new home

Let’s take a quick look around. We’ll start with the top navigation bar.

Above: The top navigation bar is visible from any page on the Admin side.

Home will always bring you back to the account dashboard, where you’ll see a summary of your organization’s account, as well as news from the rest of the PhotoShelter universe.

Images is where you manage your entire Archive - both the seen and unseen files.

Admin is where you manage your account, your Site and your team.

Sell says it all. We’ll come back to this later, once you’ve got everything else set up.

View Portal is your neat way to flip to the front-end and to see your Public Portal as others do.

Over to the right on the navigation bar, you’ll see your two more items:

Your name is your quick access to everything PhotoShelter you’re linked to. This is where you’d switch to your own PhotoShelter Photographer site, if you have one, and where you’d go to log out if you’re on a shared computer.

Help is where you’ll find specific how-to information, as well as some tips and tricks we’ll be adding to over the coming months.

Contact Us is at the bottom right of every page. We’re here to help.

Next steps

Name your Library and set the site URL

Upload a Homepage Image

Create Collections and Galleries

Set View and Download permissions

Invite Users to view images


Still have questions? Contact us.


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