Name Your Public Portal

You want to give your Public Portal site a name, right?

First up, let’s check we’ve got your organization’s name correct. After that, you’ll set the name that shows up on the site, and its web location.

Change the organization name and contact

  1. Select Account Settings from the Admin menu.
  2. Click the EDIT INFO button if you want to change the name or contact details.

Above: In Admin > Account Settings, you can change the name of your organization and the main contact email.


Set the name and web location of your site

  1. Select Portal Settings from the Admin menu.
  2. Give yourself a website address at PhotoShelter.
    Remember that you want a URL that’s not too long, but that is memorable and reflects your organization. You can change this later, but then any existing links to your site, including invitations to galleries that you have sent, will no longer work.
  3. Add your Site Name. This is the name that will appear on your Public Portal.
    If your organization already has a website, you might want to add something like ‘Images’ or ‘Library’ or other wording to clarify the role of this particular site.

Above: In Portal Settings, you can set the website URL for your Library, as well as the name it will display.



Next steps

Upload a Homepage Image

Create Collections and Galleries

Set View and Download permissions

Invite Users to view images

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