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Your Libris Media Library is your centralized and secure storage home for all of your visual assets. All files uploaded to your Library are hosted in our secure, cloud-based storage system already trusted by over 80,000 photographers — many businesses and organizations among them. We automatically include your files’ IPTC data, optimize your images for the best screen resolution, and store and copy them to our multiple data centers.

Of course, just because you own it and it’s online, doesn’t mean you want everybody to see it. On the Admin side (see below), Libris enables you to offer restricted management access to selected Library Staff. In the Public Portal, Invited Users can view, download or even upload files - all only with your permission.

The Public Portal

This is the forward-facing side of your Library. It is the site where anyone who needs to access your imagery can log in and search and view only the files they have access to. If you give these users permission to download files, they can also do that here.

Above: Somebody that has not been invited to be a user will only see the Galleries or files that are marked as Public.

The Admin Side

This is the command and control center for managing and monitoring the Library, Library Staff, and all Invited Users’ permissions and accesses. Only people designated as Library Staff have access to any of the Admin side.

Above: The Admin side provides full control of every aspect of the Library. Different members of Library Staff will have varying levels of ability to make changes here.

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