Create Collections and Galleries

A Gallery is a group of files. A Collection is a group of Galleries and/or other Collections. 

The real power in Libris is the creation of custom Collections and Galleries that allow your stakeholders to find images and videos. You can make as many Collections and Galleries as you want, and organize them in any way that’s useful for you, such as by project or date or subject. (Change your mind later? No problem. Just drag and drop them from one Collection to another.) 

For example, many sports teams create a parent Collection for every season, and then nest specific Galleries for each game underneath. This makes it easy to locate images and share entire Collections with clients (known in Libris as Invited Users).

To get you started, we’ve already populated your Library with some default Collections. These are suggestions that you can delete or change the names of at any time. 

The "Incoming Shoots" collection is the default destination for most files uploaded by Contributors. Learn more about it here.

Create your own Galleries:

  1. Select a Collection (such as the ready-made one with your name on it) and click the green Create Gallery button above the list.

    Above: The name and settings of a Gallery can be changed later.

  2. Once you’ve created the Gallery, you can add images to it by either dragging-and-dropping directly into the center pane, or via the green Upload button in the right pane. 
  3. Once you’ve uploaded all the images to that Gallery, set its cover image by dragging one of the uploaded images from the center pane over the empty square at the top of the right pane. (Change your mind? Just drag a different image later.)
  4. You can also add new Collections with the green Create Collection button. Use these Collections like folders to organize your Galleries.


More Upload methods

Now that's you've used the basic Web Browser upload method, you might want to look at alternatives that are better suited to bulk uploads. These include a standalone Desktop Uploader app and a mobile uploader app, as well as plugins for Adobe Lightroom (highly recommended) and Photo Mechanic. 

Learn more about other upload methods. 

Looking for files uploaded by Contributors? Learn more about where to find them in your Library.

Prepare your files for Upload

Learn more about file formats, color space and metadata.

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