Upload a Homepage Image

Time to start customizing your Public Portal. Why not start by setting the homepage image? You can pick an image that has your organization’s logo in it or some other photo that is a good representation of your organization. Don’t worry too much about which image to use right now: you can easily swap it out later.

TIP: A 2:3 aspect ratio is best for responsive web. And if you're overlaying a logo onto the image, near-center is best.

Select Portal Settings from the Admin menu

Next head to the Branding page, from the Portal menu on the left side of the page.


Scroll down to the Homepage Image area. Just like you can with your logo image, you can simply drag-and-drop your image from your computer into the blank white space, or, click the pencil icon to browse for a file instead.

All changes on the Branding page will be saved automatically.

To see how your site looks, click on View Portal in the top navigation bar.

Don’t like what you see? 

To change the Homepage Image, you’ll have to delete the current image being used first. Hover over the image and click on the trash can icon to remove the existing image. Then select a new image again by dragging and dropping into the white space, or using the pencil icon to browse.

Next steps

Create Collections and Galleries

Set View and Download permissions

Invite Users to view images

Upload images in bulk 


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