Organizing your media

Images & videos can be intermingled in Galleries in the Library and on the Portal. 

Library actions

  • The following actions are supported for videos: Quick Send, Download, Rate, Model Release, Property Release, Add/Move/Remove from gallery, Delete.
  • When a single video is selected in the center pane, unavailable (image-only) actions will be greyed out.
  • Actions that apply only to images (e.g. Rotate) are noted accordingly in the Actions menu. If a mix of videos and images is selected and an image-only action is applied to the selection, the action will complete successfully for the images; the videos will be unaffected.

Library V&A

A permission option for video download type has been added. 

Video metadata

  • Filename
  • File size
  • Last modified
  • Upload date
  • Uploaded by
  • Photographer
  • Video ID
  • Title
  • Description/Caption
  • Keywords


  • Full-length videos can be streamed from the Library (via the Center Pane) and from the Portal.


  • Library & Portal: Users can search by file type (image or video).
  • Searchable video metadata includes title, description/caption, and keywords. 


  • Library: Staff can download or Quick Send videos.
  • Portal: Videos can be downloaded individually or in batch. Depending on their permissions, a user can download the original file or a transcoded version.
  • E-commerce and lightboxes are restricted to images only.

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