Uploading video

How to upload

Libris Admins & Editors can upload video via the Library drag-and-drop Web Uploader or Incoming FTP. 

To upload via the web uploader:

  1. Select Library from the Media menu. 
  2. Create or select the Collection and Gallery you would like the videos to go into.

  3. Now drag the files into the center pane, or click the green Upload button in the right pane. 


Contributors can upload through the dedicated Web Upload tool that they are invited to access when they first sign in.

Supported video filetypes

Our initial rollout supports common video filetypes from DSLR and other cameras. These are typically MP4 or MOV files. 

We can also support files that have been created in video editing software - again these will typically be some flavor of MOV or MP4 video.

As a general rule of thumb, if it uploads successfully, we support it. 

The current file size limit is 20 GB.


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