What part of the Library can a Contributor see?

Though Contributors are added via the Library Staff dialog, they do not have access to the Admin side of the Library. 

Their restricted access allows them only to upload images directly to a Libris Library via their web browser, the PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader, Lightroom export, incoming FTP, Photo Mechanic, the Libris Uploader mobile app, or from their PhotoShelter Photographer account.

Contributors are not able to see any other Contributor's uploads, unless specifically invited to do so, and they are not able to rearrange Galleries or Collections.

A Contributor is invited via email.  

After following the link and creating a password, a dialog box invites them to continue to the Contributor web uploader.


Uploading via the web browser

The Contributor upload page does not show any other Contributors' images, nor does it show the Gallery into which the images will go. 


Uploading via the PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader

Once the Contributor has installed the application and logged in, they can only see the files on their computer and the Collection with their name, automatically created in the Libris Library. The Contributor drags images from a folder on their system to the named Collection folder without seeing any other images, Galleries or Collections, or any other part of the Library.


Finding Contributor Uploads in Your Library

The majority of Contributor uploads will be directed to the “Incoming Shoots” collection in the Library, and will inherit the Visibility & Access settings of that collection. If your Library does not already have an "Incoming Shoots" collection, it will be auto-generated upon the next Contributor upload, and its Visibility & Access will be set to “No one but me."


If you change the Visibility & Access of "Incoming Shoots," Contributor uploads will still be directed there, and they will inherit the new Visibility & Access settings.

If you change the name of "Incoming Shoots," a new "Incoming Shoots" collection will be regenerated upon the next Contributor upload, with Visibility & Access set to “No one but me.”

If the Contributor enters something in the Description field of the uploader, that term will be appended to the IPTC Keyword field of the image as a single keyword (in addition to its current appearance in the gallery name, e.g. "UP: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony - J. Smith - 03 Mar 16").

This applies to any Contributor uploads from the Contributor web uploader, the Libris Uploader mobile app, the desktop uploader, and the Lightroom export function.

Contributor uploads from other methods such as Photo Mechanic will still be directed to the root level of the Library.


Contributors as Invited Users

To enable a Contributor to view their own or any any Galleries or Collections in the Library, they must be invited as users to view the Public Portal, where they will be able to view only the Galleries or Collections which are marked as Public or to which they have been granted specific viewing or downloading access. 

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