How is Libris different from PhotoShelter?

Libris is a cloud-based media library specifically designed for businesses and organizations. Photoshelter Photographer accounts are similar to Libris accounts, but they differ in a few key areas:

  • A Libris account may be owned by a company or institution, rather than an individual.
  • Libris accounts have a multi-user, role-based structure, whereas PhotoShelter accounts assume the photographer is the administrator, editor and tagger.
  • The Libris user interface and terminology are geared to organizations rather than photographers.
  • Libris offers a consolidated organization and permission structure, appropriate for a company.
  • Libris offers limited customization options, while PhotoShelter Photographer accounts offer a wide range of professional portfolios and customizable websites. 
  • Video uploading is an available option for Libris accounts.

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