Changelog: Updated March 23, 2017

Wondering what's new in Libris? Review this changelog to keep up to date on system upgrades and enhancements.


March 23, 2017


  • All pages in your Library and Back-end are now served via HTTPS

March 8, 2017


  • Support for SVG files
    • SVG files can be uploaded into your Library
      • SVG files that contain HTML will render as images
      • SVG files that contain JavaScript/CSS will not render as images, in the interest of security
    • SVG files can be downloaded from your Portal


  • Simplified color customization options on the Branding page to maintain accessibility of Portal

February 28, 2017


  • Portal pages and content now use HTTPS links to accommodate recent browser updates

February 09, 2017


  • Images in galleries can now be sorted by their Rating
    • A Custom sort can be based on a sort of images by Rating
  • When searching for images within the Library's File Search, Rating is a searchable attribute

February 08, 2017


  • Unified browsing experience for Portal content
    • Portal visitors will have a streamlined experience, no matter what type of content they’re viewing
    • Portal visitors will be able to log in, and access non-public content easily on the Galleries page
  • Existing links will automatically drive Portal visitors to the newly styled Portal pages
  • Learn more about the updates in our Support Center


January 10, 2017


  • Bug fix: editing Contributor info in Library Staff was not working properly


December 9, 2016


  • The Libris Uploader App is now available for Android devices!
    • Admins, Editors, and Contributors can upload images and videos from their Android device directly into the Library of a Libris organization
    • Download the app via Google Play, or learn more about it in our Support Center


December 6, 2016


  • Introducing Custom Navigation for Libris! 
    • Admins and Editors can now visit the Navigation page to make changes to the top navigation bar on the Portal
    • New links can be added to the Portal navigation
    • Certain existing links can be resequenced, or hidden from the Portal
  • Custom Navigation is available for all Libris tiers
    • For a full overview on using Custom Navigation, check out this tutorial on our Support Center


November 8, 2016


  • Bug fix: selecting files in the Center Pane and sorting by "Date taken" was not working properly


October 26, 2016



  • The Flash version of the Embeddable Slideshows has been removed due to poor browser support


  • Batch edits to IPTC now default to "append" instead of "overwrite"


October 11, 2016


  • Modernizations and improvements to the Portal experience
    • Browsing pane on left of Portal Galleries page includes better support for deeply nested content, and new styling
    • Metadata pane on the right of Portal will display relevant metadata, with new styling
      • Both the left and right panes on the Portal can be expanded or collapsed
    • Portal interface options can be found in the bottom toolbar, which will display:
      • Breadcrumb links, pagination arrows, and buttons for downloading files, sharing files, adding files to a Lightbox/Cart, or expanding/collapsing the browsing and metadata panes


July 12, 2016


  • Introducing Custom Metadata for Libris!
    • Custom Metadata is a helpful way for your staff to customize their tagging and searching experience; this feature makes it easier for staff to organize images in the Library, and for Invited Users to find images on the Portal
    • Custom Metadata allows images to be easily searched for with standardized search terms, called “Tags.” Tags are grouped together under a “Field”
    • Libris Admins and Editors are able to create Tags and Fields
      • They can also turn the Fields on, so that they’re visible in the Library and/or the Portal.
    • Admins, Editors, and Taggers are able to apply Tags to images in the Library
    • Searches can be performed using Custom Metadata in the Library and on the Portal
  • Learn more about using Custom Metadata on our Support Center
  • Custom Metadata is now included with Libris Professional and Enterprise tiers, and available on other tiers as an optional paid add-on



June 28, 2016


  • Modernized Contact page
    • Contact page (and form) will resize based on viewer's browser window and/or device size
    • Contact form now includes a Phone Number field, so inquiring parties may provide additional contact information


June 21, 2016


  • Improved design in the Invited Users tool
    • Updated styling and icons in the right pane for a smoother experience when viewing & editing a contact's info and settings 


June 10, 2016


  • Simplified Portal homepage image workflow
  • Your existing Portal homepage image has been migrated to the new uploader on the Site Customization page
    • The previous homepage image workflow (using the "Homepage Image" gallery within the "Public" collection in your Library) has been deprecated
    • If you would like to delete that collection and gallery, please make sure you have a Portal homepage image set on the Site Customization page first


May 19, 2016


  • Introducing the Libris Uploader App for iOS devices
    • Admins, Editors, and Contributors can upload images and videos from their iPhone directly into the Library of a Libris organization
    • Download the app from the App Store, or learn more about it on our Support Center


May 18, 2016


  • Improved video playback quality [video-enabled accounts only]
    • Newly uploaded videos will have a 540p version created (in addition to 360p and 720p versions)
      • 540p version of videos better accommodates mid-range player sizes and internet connections that are not suitable for 720p videos
    • Previously uploaded videos will be reprocessed, and gain a 540p version
    • Other video-quality related improvements:
      • Videos now change resolution if the video player is resized while a video is playing
      • Smallest version of a video that is larger than the player window is now requested to help minimize upscaling


May 10, 2016


  • Email address updates now require user to confirm they own the new email address, before any changes can be made 


May 3, 2016


  • #! (hashbang) symbol has been removed from relevant URLs
    • This includes URLs seen on the Portal and the HTML5 slideshow
  • All existing links containing the #! will still work


April 28, 2016


  • Introduced the ability to transfer videos with outbound FTP [video-enabled accounts only]
    • When viewing video thumbnails in the Center Pane, select the video(s) you'd like to transfer, and click Actions->FTP
      • The FTP export dialog will appear, with added "Export video as" options, including: Original file format and size, MP4 (original size), MP4 - HD 1080, MP4 - HD 720, MP4 - SD 480
    • Outbound FTP video transfers will be logged in Reports->Download Logs and Outgoing FTP->FTP Transfer


April 25, 2016


  • Bug fix: you can now batch download from galleries that contain >1000 files


April 6, 2016


  • Introduced the ability to copy images to another Libris account directly from your Library
    • When viewing image thumbnails in the Center Pane, select the image(s) you'd like to transfer, and click Actions->Copy to another account 
    • The copied images will land in a gallery in the “Incoming Shoots” collection called “UP: [description] - [First initial Lastname] - [Date]” and will inherit the permissions of that collection
      • They will be unique files, so altering an image in the original Libris account will not change it in the second Libris account
    • Video transfer is not supported
    • This action is visible to any Admin or Editor who also has Admin, Editor, or Contributor access to another Libris account
      • Taggers will not be permitted to transfer and will not see the action in the Actions menu


March 31, 2016


  • Adding a new Editor or Tagger in Library Staff will no longer automatically create a collection named after them in the Left Pane of your Library


March 30, 2016


  • Adding a new Contributor in Library Staff will no longer automatically create a collection named after them in the Left Pane of your Library


March 22, 2016


  • Improved behavior for incoming Contributor uploads to make those galleries more findable in the Library
  • The majority of Contributor uploads will now be directed to the “Incoming Shoots” collection in the Library, instead of the root level
    • The uploaded gallery will inherit the Visibility & Access settings of the "Incoming Shoots" collection
  • "Incoming Shoots" collection behavior:
    • If your Library does not already have an "Incoming Shoots" collection, it will be auto-generated upon the next Contributor upload, and its Visibility & Access will be set to “No one but me"
    • If you change the Visibility & Access of that collection, Contributor uploads will still be directed there, and they will inherit the new Visibility & Access settings
    • If you change the name of the collection, a new "Incoming Shoots" collection will be regenerated upon the next Contributor upload, with Visibility & Access set to “No one but me”
  • If the Contributor enters something in the Description field of the uploader, that term will be appended to the IPTC Keyword field of the image as a single keyword (in addition to its current appearance in the gallery name, e.g. "UP: Ribbon cutting ceremony - J. Smith - 03 Mar 16”
  • These changes apply to any Contributor uploads from the Contributor web uploader, the desktop uploader, and the Lightroom export function
    • Uploads from other methods will still be directed to the root level of the Library


March 9, 2016


  • Improved the Portal image browsing and download experience when using certain mobile devices:
    • The lefthand gallery/collection tree on the Galleries page is collapsed into a toggleable (+/x) menu
    • Cleaner image layout in the gallery thumbnail view
    • Downloading an image from the single image view will open it in a new browser tab, after which you can long-press the image to save it to your Camera Roll
    • Cleaned up the Contributor web uploader
    • Supported mobile devices:
      • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on iOS 9 in portrait mode 
      • Android Nexus 5 & 6 (phone) and Nexus 7 (tablet), on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
    • Please note: video downloads and batch downloads are not supported on mobile devices
  • Logging into your Portal via the "Login" top nav link will now take you to the Galleries page (rather than your Profile)


February 24, 2016


  • Library Staff:
    • The Photographer role has been renamed to Contributor


  • Improvements to the Editor, Tagger, and Contributor new user experience:
    • Clearer account invitation email to let users know what they're accessing
    • After activating their account on your Portal, the user will be shown some next steps to get them oriented and start working:
      • Editor or Tagger: go to your Library, or read more about getting started as a staff member
      • Contributor: upload files, or read more about getting started as a Contributor
  • Enhanced the Contributor upload experience:
    • An Upload link will appear in your Portal's top nav when a Contributor is logged in, which takes them to the Contributor web uploader
    • On the Contributor web uploader:
      • The uploader will detect whose Portal the user is logged into, and will route uploads to that organization's Libris account (previously Contributors had to choose which organization to upload to, if they had access to multiple Libris accounts)
      • If the Contributor also has a PhotoShelter Photographer account, the uploader will also let them know they can transfer images to that Libris account directly from their own Image Browse, a very efficient upload method


  • Gallery/collection invite emails sent from the Library now contain your organization’s name in the default email template message


February 8, 2016


  • Video files will now play back more reliably for those using Edge as their browser


February 3, 2016


  • Improved the single image/video view (example):
    • You may now display images up to 2040 pixels on the longest side (formerly the max was 1440 pixels)
    • If there is no Headline or Title set in the IPTC metadata, the page will display the Filename more prominently (example)
    • Keywords now display in alphabetical order
    • If an image/video has a long Description/Caption, the viewer can now scroll within the metadata pane (rather than having to scroll down on the page), so the image/video always stays within view
    • Images/videos will resize as available when “Less Info” is toggled
    • Images/videos will no longer display larger than the screen size
    • Mobile devices: made various font style, spacing, and page control tweaks to improve navigation and better match the desktop experience


February 2, 2016


  • Bug fix: custom download sizes for image downloads set in the Visibility & Access section of the Library are now working properly


January 19, 2016




  • Added a "Switch Accounts" link in the "[First name]" menu of the Admin Area top nav, so that Staff can switch between multiple Libris and/or PhotoShelter accounts efficiently


December 14, 2015


  • Introducing logo support & color customization for Libris Portals!
    • Admins and Editors can access logo & color settings on the new Site Customization page (Admin->Site Settings->Site Customization)
    • You may upload an image or use text as your logo
      • Image logos may be JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Minimum height of 136px is recommended
    • Color customization settings include Logo [if text is used as a logo], Navigation Text, Navigation Background, Body Text, Body Background, and Links
    • Changes on the Site Customization page will be saved automatically (except for the color picker, which requires you to save your chosen color)
      • Workflow tip: have your Portal open in a separate browser window while you work on the settings, then refresh the page to see the changes live on your Portal


December 1, 2015


  • Introduced a new profile window to provide a personal account home for Libris users
    • Logged-in Portal users can access their profile via the "Hi, [first name]" top nav link
    • Libris Staff can also access it via the "[First name]->Profile" link in the Admin Area top nav
    • Improves the organization of user-specific info, including profile settings, lightboxes, gallery invites, carts, and help
    • On the "My Accounts" page, users can now see all of the different accounts they can access and the role they serve on each account, such as a Libris Admin/Editor/Tagger, Libris Contributor, PhotoShelter photographer, or Invited User on Libris- or PhotoShelter-powered sites
      • Users with multiple roles or access points can switch between accounts easily


November 10, 2015


  • Improved video playback [video-enabled accounts only]
    • Video resolution will now adjust to a viewer's network conditions, so viewers with strong connections will receive higher-quality videos than viewers with poor connections, to ensure optimal performance


November 3, 2015


  • Single image/video view: removed LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr sharing options to focus on more commonly used social networks



  • HTML5 slideshow
    • Bug fix: sharing a slideshow on Pinterest will share the gallery's cover image (instead of a placeholder image)


November 1, 2015


  • Improved search performance: search results will now return significantly faster


October 28, 2015


  • Incoming FTP now supports video files [video-enabled accounts only]



  • New cards added to your Admin Area homepage
    • Now displaying a Quick Start Guide as well as regularly updated feature announcements, industry reports, and blog posts
  • Admin Area homepage footer links are now more relevant



  • Various improvements to PDF handling:
    • PDF quality has been increased from 72->300 DPI
      • This applies only to newly uploaded PDFs, not existing PDFs
    • If a client purchases a PDF whose printing is handled via our automated print vendor partners, it will now be a smoother, more efficient process
    • If a client chooses to download a PDF as a JPEG rather than the original file type, they will receive a JPEG download of the 1st page
      • Rendering quality for that JPEG has been increased from 75->98
      • This applies to any PDF->JPEG downloads via single image download, batch download, and Quick Send


October 20, 2015


  • Bug fix: gallery & collection invite emails were correctly displaying preview thumbnails when previewed in the Visibility & Access dialog, but the thumbnails weren’t showing up in the actual emails 


October 13, 2015


  • Updated the design of the Sales pages for a cleaner, more modern look & feel


October 7, 2015


Center Pane:

  • Bug fix: position in search results was not preserved when navigating from thumbnails to single image view & back again (Firefox)
  • Bug fix: warning dialog was not being consistently triggered if you navigated away from the web uploader while uploads were in progress
  • Improved experience for videos that have just been uploaded and are still being processed [video-enabled accounts only]
    • The play button on the video player will be temporarily hidden and an alert will display if a video is still being processed and cannot yet be played



  • Faster loading time in a gallery's thumbnail view, especially for extremely large galleries
    • When you click on a gallery in the left pane, the right pane (thumbnail view) will clear immediately
    • For a large gallery, thumbnails are gradually loaded. The gallery name and first batch of thumbnails will appear right away. As you scroll down, more thumbnails will be loaded
  • Improved search performance: results will return faster
  • Bug fix: inverse sort order option in the Library was not being reflected properly in the gallery thumbnail view on the Portal
  • Improved experience for videos that have just been uploaded and are still being processed [video-enabled accounts only]
    • The play button on the video player will be temporarily hidden and an alert will display if a video is still being processed and cannot yet be played


September 10, 2015


  • Bug fix: galleries loaded twice in center pane after visiting "View Site" and then navigating back to the Library
  • Improved user experience for larger file uploads
    • Added warning if you attempt to navigate away from the uploader (i.e. click “Home” or “View Site”) while uploads are in progress
    • Clarified copy to indicate when uploads are in progress


September 8, 2015


  • Introducing video support for Libris!
    • Upload, store, stream, and distribute video files as efficiently as you do with your images
    • Use your web browser for easy drag-and-drop video uploads to your Library
    • Support video uploads directly from Contributors to your Library
    • Integrate video seamlessly into your Library, intermingling video and image files within your existing structure
    • Search for videos by keyword, title, or description, or search your entire archive for a specific file type
    • Use your Library’s robust permission controls to enable video viewing & download access for Invited Users
    • Stream full-length videos in your Library and on your Portal
    • Download and quick send videos in their original format, or restrict to a specific transcoded size/quality
    • For more information about technical support for video, please visit our Support Center
  • Pricing for video support starts at $2500/year in addition to your current Libris subscription fee
    • To add this subscription, please contact Client Services by phone at 212-206-0808 or email at We're available Monday-Friday from 9 AM-6 PM ET


August 19, 2015


  • Bug fix: image thumbnail order within a gallery did not match the sort order set in the Library, although images were displayed in the correct order within the single image view


August 11, 2015


  • Bug fix: resending a Library Staff invitation email did not mention the role the user was being invited to serve


July 28, 2015


  • Bug fix: the sort order of images within galleries did not match the sort order set in the Library
  • Bug fix: the sort order of galleries within collections in “Invited Galleries” section did not match the sort order set in the Library



  • All Libris members selling prints/products via Loxley Colour will be charged an additional 20% on all orders (shipping included) due to the VAT obligation
    • To cover this cost, you may choose to collect VAT from your buyers using our built-in tax table. To learn more about tax configuration, please visit our Support Center.  


July 23, 2015



July 15, 2015


  • Bug fix: scrolling down through search results in the center pane and then performing an action on an image was not working properly


July 1, 2015


  • Bug fix: changing an image’s orientation was not instantly reflected in the center pane


March 12, 2015


  • Added a download link to the gallery thumbnail view to allow for batch downloads


February 17, 2015


  • Added account switcher so that you can switch from a PhotoShelter Photographer account to your Libris account and vice versa
    • This will only be visible if you have multiple types of accounts, and can be found in the top nav: “Hi, [first name]” menu
  • Changed Admin Area top nav colors, so you can easily distinguish between your PhotoShelter and Libris Admin areas at a glance


January 20, 2015


  • Desktop Uploader: New version available!


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