Brand Your Portal

To match the display of your photos and videos with their quality and be consistent with your brand, you can customize the Public Portal of your Libris account. You can add your logo and update the colors of several different elements of your Portal. Both an Admin and Editor(s) can access and adjust these logo and color settings on the Branding page on the Admin side of Libris (Admin->Portal Settings->Branding).



1) Add your logo

You may upload an image or use text as a logo.

Image logos may be JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Minimum height of 136px is recommended. Fun tip: animated GIFs are supported.

2) Update your colors

Color customization settings include Logo (if text is used as a logo), Navigation Text, Navigation Background, and Links.

All changes on the Branding page will be saved automatically.

Suggested workflow: have your Portal open in a separate browser window while working on settings, then refresh the page to see the changes live on your Portal.

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